BRASIL, PY. Members of the Teresina DX Group will be QRV as ZW8BBC from Ilha das Canárias – IOTA SA 072 # DIB MA-05 # DFB MA-11 ( 02º48’S 41º52W)

From April 30 to May 03, in honor of the memory of Doctor Flávio Araújo Fontenele - PS8BBC (this callsign is holded today by Ray (Flávio´s father)).

Activity will be on 160 to 6 meters using mainly SSB,CW with various digital modes including VHF/UHF (2m/70cm) Satellite: AO51,AO7,FO29,VO52,SO50 and ISS in repeater mode if active.. QSL via PS8DX.

TheDXg team!!!

Nota : Frequências do IOTA caso as condições o permitam
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ZW8BBC - Parte 1

ZW8BBC - parte 2

ZW8BBC - parte 3

ZW8BBC - Parte 4

ZW8BBC - Parte 5